About Our Office

Dr. Brian Nazeri

Dr. Brian Nazeri was born in South Dakota and decided to enter the field of dentistry. He enrolled and studied at the University of Colorado Health Science Center. Throughout the course of his education, he was able earn his DDS degree.

After Dr. Brian finished earning his degree, he decided that he was going to make continuing education an important part of what he offers to patients. He attended far more continuing education than required. Because of his ethic and hard work, he has became a respected member of the American Dental Association, the Colorado Dental Association, the Association of General Dentistry and the American Prosthodontics Society.

When not in the office, Dr. Brian enjoys the outdoors. His efforts create a great balance and harmony within the office.

Our Staff
Our staff members are a great part of our office and what we do for our patients. We always make our patients our highest concern and priority. We will help you feel comfortable and at ease when you’re in our practice. The individual members of our staff include:

  • Brittni- Dental Assistant
  • Leah – Dental Assistant
  • Renee – Dental Assistant/ Front Office
  • Felicia – Dental Assistant